I Make Your Mask


In March 2020, in order to raise awareness among citizens and contain the spread of the covid-19 virus, Talking Hands decided to convert production lines and standards to manufacture washable protective face masks.
The campaign aims to widen the use of the protective mask in those sections of the population who do not have a permanent home, who live in reception centres, who spend the night in homeless shelters or whose situations dictate that they are not informed on the guidelines to deal with the pandemic.

This initiative makes use of the scientific advice of a renowned Swiss textile engineer, the information and guidance is widely shared allowing other social tailors and third sector companies to provide low-cost protective masks.

"I Make Your Mask" has quickly become a real movement on a global scale, with much publicity and a means of creating an international network of artisan mask manufacturers. Talking Hands' "Stay Safe" campaign has featured many excellent testimonials from museum curators, directors and impressed members of the public including the model Filippa Lagerback.
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