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Active since 2008, XYZ is a Social Development Association dedicated to the different expressive forms of applied arts. This includes the design of visual and practical works of art. 
In over a decade of activity, XYZ has produced over 40 exhibitions and boasts collaborations with some of the most influential designers, illustrators and photographers internationally. In 2012, it was the only Italian presence published in Art Spaces, edited by the New Museum of New York, which mapped exhibition spaces from around the world.
In 2014-15, XYZ created promotional material for the urban design campaign called "Noise - Network of Information Opportunities and Services for Non-EU Citizens”. This project was co-financed by the European Union, the Ministry of the Interior and the Veneto Region Council. It’s objective was to understand and respond to the needs of migrants and to outline, in an intercultural participatory sense, the most effective means of supporting newly arrived Italian citizens.
In 2016, XYZ launched the Talking Hands project, a permanent design and social innovation studio located in the former Piave barracks of Treviso.
XYZ is above all a curator of widespread and accessible communication methods that investigate our social behaviors and our daily visual experience.

XYZ - Social Promotion Association (APS)

Registered in the Regional Register of Social Promotion with the following classification: PS / TV0251


Registered Office

Via mura San Teonisto, 5 - 31100 Treviso - Italia

Operational Headquarters

Via Monterumici, 11 - 31100 Treviso - Italia

M +39 340 2741823

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